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Blackboard Announcement Examples

Utilize any of these announcement examples to help bolster communication with your students. A  robust communication plan can help students turn their work in on time, reduce confusion, and reduce  the number of individual communications needed. Because of the flexibility of Blackboard, your course  areas may be labeled differently, edit the examples according to your course structure and content. 

In Blackboard, you can set up course announcements at any time to display after a certain date and  time. You can also send a copy of the announcement by email. Unfortunately, Blackboard will not let  you do both at the same time. To do both, you can create your initial set of announcements and  schedule them before the course begins. On the date an announcement becomes live you can go into the  course, edit the announcement, uncheck any date restrictions and check the box to email. Prepping your  announcements ahead of time helps you to be consistent and frees up more time during the week for  individual student attention or grading and feedback. 


When to send Announcements? 

• Start of the semester/when you open the course 

• First day of the week. 

• A few days before a big assignment is due. 

• On the days assignments are due. 

• When there is confusion that needs clarification. 

• When you make a change to the course. 

• When you have completed grading/feedback on an assignment or test.

Start of the semester: 

Welcome to _______________! 

This class runs for sixteen weeks, starting on __________, and continuing through  _____________.  

What's the best way to begin this course? Review the following content areas (by selecting the  corresponding menu items on the left): 

• Course Documents. This content area supplies your syllabus for the course as well as the  course schedule. Read the syllabus before heading to the next area. 

• Modules. This content area is where you will do most of your work. Each module  contains readings, lecture videos, and assignments, with corresponding due dates. • Other Menu Items: Be sure to browse each item on the menu to become familiar with  the location of different aspects of this course. 

If you have any questions please reach out to me by email. Allow at least 24 hours for a  response on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends. 

First Day of the Week: 

Dear all, 

Welcome to module ______. In this module, we will be learning about _____________. Please read chapters ______ in our textbook. In addition, please view the lecture presentations  found in the _________ folder.  

There are _____ assignments due this module: 

• Module Quiz: It includes 25 multiple-choice questions, and you have 75 minutes  complete the assignment once you begin. The quiz is due on Friday by 11.59pm • Presentation: Be sure to reference the rubric for this assignment that can be found in the  course documents folder. The presentation upload is due on Friday by 11.59pm.  As always, I am happy to help. You can reach me at ________ OR the Virtual Office on  Blackboard. 

A few days before a big assignment is due: 

Hello everyone, 

Just a reminder that we are 3 days away from your final project being due. Make sure you have  done the following things before you turn in your project: 

• Review the feedback on your rough draft 

• Read the rubric for the final presentation(found in the folder where you submit your  presentation)

• Touch base with me if you have any questions 

Best of luck! 

On the day an assignment is due: 

Good afternoon class, 

This is a reminder that your _________ are due tonight by 11:59p.  

I look forward to reading your work! 

When there is confusion that needs clarification: 

Hello Students, 

Several of you have emailed me that you are having trouble finding the information you need to  complete this week’s assignment. The file you need can be found in the Documents folder in the  left-hand menu. Be sure to read through that document thoroughly and re-read the directions for  the assignment. 

When you make a change in the course: 

Heads up! The video link in this week’s assignment takes you to a video that is no longer  available. Here is a link to a working version of that video. 

When you have completed grading: 

Good morning class,  

I have posted your ________ grades. Please take time to review _________. This was a  difficult assignment, so don't be discouraged if you struggled with it.  

Please let email me if you have any questions or concerns about the assignment and/or your  grade.  

Keep up the great work!

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